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1. Black Disenfranchisement by State in 2000 (internal link)
Resource Type: Graphs/Charts

2. Black Voter Disenfranchisement (internal link)
Resource Type: Curriculum

3. Education Pays 2005 Update (internal link)
Abstract: From the college board, this 12 page report analyzes the relationship between higher education and things like income, voting participation, health, and education of other family members and children.
Resource Type: Article, Data

4. How did Latinos Really Vote in 2004? (internal link)
Abstract: A summary on the data of Latino voting patterns in 2004, including data on who they voted for, voter rates, etc.
Resource Type: Article

5. Metropolitan Area Research Center (MARC) (external link)
Abstract: The Metropolitan Area Research Corporation (MARC) is a non-profit research and geographic information systems (GIS) firm with a history of service to the public interest, government, philanthropy, academia, and private research institutions. This website contains dozens of useful maps for 25 major US cities.
Resource Type: Website

6. The Impact of Gentrification on Voter Turnout (internal link)
Abstract: The goal of this article is to explore the impact of gentrification on political participation. Controlling for relevant individual and contextual factors, the authors find that gentrification decreases turnout among longstanding residents.
Resource Type: Article

7. The Triumph of Hope Over Self Interest (internal link)
Abstract: This fascinating article explores the disparity between what people's economic situations really are and how they see themselves. It focuses largely around surveys done in 2004 where people of different economic backgrounds were asked questions about where they saw themselves compared to other Americans, and how far off most of them turned out to be.
Resource Type: Article

8. Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2000 (external link)
Abstract: Detailed information about key trends in voter registration and habits about voters of different race, class, gender, and geographic location, based on the 2000 census
Resource Type: Article

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