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1. Culturally Relevant Mathematics Teaching in a Mexican American Context (internal link)
Abstract: This article examines mathematics instruction and its intersection with culturally relevant teaching in an elementary school in a Mexican American community. Based on a collaborative study, the paper proposes a three-part model for culturally relevant instruction.
Resource Type: Article

2. Insights into Teaching Mathematics (external link)
Abstract: Providing essential guidance and background information about teaching mathematics, this book is intended particularly for teachers who do not regard themselves as specialists in mathematics. It deals with issues of learning and teaching, including the delivery of content and the place of problems and investigations.
Resource Type: Book

3. Integrating Children’s Literature and Mathematics in the Classroom (external link)
Abstract: Illustrating how children's literature can be used to communicate mathematical concepts, this book is the first ever to take a serious look at the philosophical and pedagogical assumptions underlying the movement to integrate the teaching of mathematics and children's literature.
Resource Type: Book

4. Mathematics from another World: Traditional Communities and the Alienation of Learners (external link)
Abstract: This paper reports upon a study of students learning mathematics in six English schools. It is argued that teaching and learning practices are central to the knowledge students learn and that those of traditional classrooms are sufficiently strange and other worldly to limit students’ use of mathematics in non-classroom situations
Resource Type: Article

5. Teaching and Learning Mathematics for Social Justice in an Urban, Latino school (internal link)
Abstract: This article reports on a 2-year study about teaching a learning mathematics for social justice and about the role of an NCTM standards-based curriculum.
Resource Type: Article

6. Teaching for Change (external link)
Abstract: By drawing direct connections to ‘real world’ issues, Teaching for Change encourages teachers and students to question and re-think the world inside and outside their classrooms, build a more equitable, multicultural society, and become active global citizens. Website contains a catalog of resources for purchase, a bookstore, curriculum information about workshops, etc.
Resource Type: Website

7. Teaching Mathematics in a Multilingual (external link)
Abstract: Increasingly, teachers all over the world are grappling on a daily basis with the fact of multilingual classrooms. In this book, Jill Adler captures three inter-related dilemmas that lie at the heart of teaching mathematics in multilingual classrooms. Adler's identification and naming of the dilemma of code-switching, the dilemma of mediation, and the dilemma of transparency, arise from exploring the realities of actual classrooms, and are shaped by a perspective of teaching as a social practice.
Resource Type: Book

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