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1. From Sweatshops to HipHop: Once Ignored by Fashion, Youth of Color Become the Focus of its Marketing (internal link)
Resource Type: Article

2. Jobs With Justice - A Campaign for Workers' Rights (external link)
Abstract: JwJ's mission is to improve working people's standard of living, fight for job security, and protect workers' right to organize. JwJ's core belief is that in order to be successful, workers' rights struggles have to be part of a larger campaign for economic and social justice. The website contains information about various campaigns, workers rights, organizing tools, and other resources for labor activists.
Resource Type: Website

3. Sweatshop & Globalization Films (external link)
Abstract: A list of documentary films about sweatshops, globalization, child/slave labor, and other related topics
Resource Type: Film, Website

4. Sweatshops vs. CEO Pay (internal link)
Abstract: A one-page flyer comparing the wages of Nike's CEO and a sweatshop laborer who makes Nike products
Resource Type: Article

5. Zoned for Slavery (external link)
Abstract: Meet the children who work in the sweatshops of Central America. See the armed guards at the factory's gate. Talk to them about the deplorable conditions: low wages, forced birth control, work quotas, long hours and compulsory overtime, denial of education.
Resource Type: Film

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