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1. 2006 Decline in SAT Scores (external link)
Abstract: From the College Board, this press release/website contains information about decreasing SAT scores in 2006. It also contains tables and data about different states, genders, races, etc.
Resource Type: Article

2. Long Term Trends in Mathematics (external link)
Abstract: The NAEP long-term trend assessment in mathematics documents trends in student performance from 1973 through 2004. Performance results are reported in three ways: as average scale scores, as percentile scores, and as percentages of students reaching predetermined performance level
Resource Type: Website

3. NAEP Findings Related to Gender: Achievement, Affect, and Learning Experiences (internal link)
Abstract: This article reports on gender-related differences in student performance on the mathematics portion of the 2003 NAEP assessment. It begins by reporting overall trends in scale scores, followed by a description of gender differences within content strands and a discussion of gender and student affect data taken from the NAEP student survey
Resource Type: Article

4. Real World Math Projects (external link)
Abstract: An article from Rethinking Schools briefly highlighting 17 social-justice based math projects
Resource Type: Article

5. SAT Verbal and Math Scores, by State (multi-year) (external link)
Abstract: Data on Verbal and Math SAT scores by State, 1995, 2000, 2004, and 2005. Also includes participation rates.
Resource Type: Data

6. When Learning No Longer Matters: Standardized Testing and the Creation of Inequality (external link)
Abstract: This article considers the inequities that are created by standardized tests. It is argued that the standardized test upon which this judgment was based, and similar tests used throughout the country, stack the deck against language learners, and students from minority ethnic and cultural groups and low-income homes.
Resource Type: Article

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