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1. "Safety Net" Fails Single Mothers During Downturns (external link)
Abstract: In the era of welfare reform, one measure of the effectiveness of economic policy is the ability of the "safety net" to protect economically vulnerable families over the course of a recession and jobless recovery. In the most recent downturn, however, the safety net failed to adequately protect one particularly vulnerable groupólow-income single mothersófrom income losses.
Resource Type: Article

2. Child Living Arrangements by Race and Income: A Supplementary Analysis (external link)
Abstract: This supplementary analysis to the study "Declining Share of Children Lived with Single Mothers in the Late 1990s," employs an alternative methodology to provide a clearer picture of changes in living arrangements within different income groups. It also briefly discusses possible explanations for those changes.
Resource Type: Article

3. Employment Rates for Single Mothers Fell Substantially During Recent Period of Labor Market Weakness (external link)
Abstract: This paper looks at employment trends for single mothers since the 1990's
Resource Type: Article

4. Poverty Trends for Families Headed by Working Single Mothers (external link)
Abstract: his analysis focuses on poverty in families headed by single mothers who work. In recent years, large numbers of families headed by single mothers have moved from welfare to work. This report addresses the question whether and to what degree those who work have improved their economic situation.
Resource Type: Article

5. Single Mothers Contrinue to Face Tough Job Market (external link)
Abstract: A look at the difficulties single mothers have had in the past 6 years obtaining jobs and surviving post Welfare reform
Resource Type: Article

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