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1. ACORN (external link)
Abstract: ACORN works in more than 75 cities across the United States to improve housing conditions for the economically disadvantaged, increase community safety, secure living wages for all workers and improve the quality of local schools. The website contains information on campaigns, reports, fact sheets, and much more.
Resource Type: Website

2. Audio Slideshow: Foreclosures in Cleveland, Ohio (external link)
Abstract: A pictoral slideshow which includes audio commentary about a poor family who have become victims of Predatory Lending and are now forced to Foreclose on their home.
Resource Type: Website

3. Car Title Lending: Driving Borrowers to Financial Ruin (external link)
Abstract: RL and CFA issued a first report on the car title pawn/loan industry, titled “Car Title Lending: Driving Borrowers to Financial Ruin,” which describes the title loan product and industry, illustrates predatory aspects of these over-secured small loans, and makes recommendations for stronger protections for borrowers.
Resource Type: Article

4. Debt Reseach (external link)
Abstract: This is a one-stop resource for information on the debt crisis in America and its impact on economic security. The site covers a range of issues from credit cards to payday loans to predatory mortgage lending. It contains data, research papers, and more.
Resource Type: Website

5. Economic Justice Maps (external link)
Abstract: A series of maps related to economic justice topics, specific to New York City, including maps on banking in poor communities, banking opportunities for immigrants, subprime lenders, check cashers, etc.
Resource Type: Website

6. Federal Regulation of Credit: The Cause or the Cure for Predatory Lending (external link)
Abstract: This paper looks at how, since the 1980's, developments on the federal level have been a significant – if not the primary – cause for the escalation of the predatory lending problem which is steam rolling through communities across America.
Resource Type: Article

7. Fighting Poverty in New York (external link)
Abstract: Several short editorials on the causes of and solutions to issues of Poverty in NYC
Resource Type: Article

8. High Cost of Credit: Disparities of High-Cost Loans to Minorities (external link)
Abstract: This article and website contain a report, maps, and data on the disparity of high-cost loans to minorities throughout the U.S.
Resource Type: Article

9. Home Buying While Brown or Black (external link)
Abstract: An article about exploring the issue of racism in home-buying and discrimination in lending practices to homeowners of color.
Resource Type: Article

10. How Do Poor People Bank? (internal link)
Abstract: A 2 - 4 day lesson on the banking structures available for poor people. The lesson starts by explaining how traditional banks provide people with interest on savings accounts and then explores how this is flipped on poor people forced to use check cashers, pawn shops, rapid refund loans, etc. Math involved includes percents, interest, compound interest, APR.
Resource Type: Curriculum

11. Jeopardizing Hispanic Homeownership: Predatory Practices in the Homebuying Market (internal link)
Abstract: This report is the first to provide a comprehensive analysis of the mortgage products and lending tactics targeted at Hispanic homebuyers. The report examines the homebuying and refinancing experiences of Latino homebuyers and the abusive lending tactics that steer Latino families into unnecessarily expensive products
Resource Type: Article

12. Land Sharks Circling: The Changing Financial Services System and its Implications for Low-Income Families and Communities (external link)
Abstract: This paper explores various fringe banking services that poor people are often forced to use which stand in their way of building wealth.
Resource Type: Article

13. Low Cost Pay Day Loans: Opportunities and Obstacles (external link)
Abstract: The report describes several payday loan alternative models for institutions interested in offering them, as well as data on predatory lending institutions in the U.S.
Resource Type: Article

14. Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (external link)
Abstract: NEDAP is a resource and advocacy center that works with community groups to promote financial justice in NYC's low income and of color communities. Website contains maps, editorials, policy and position papers, fact sheets, etc.
Resource Type: Website

15. Predatory Payday Loans - A Fact Sheet (external link)
Abstract: A 2-page basic Fact Sheet about Predatory Payday loans, including some personal narratives of people affected by them.
Resource Type: Article

16. Predatory Tax-Time Loans Strip $324 Million from NY's Poorest Communities: An Analysis of Tax Refund Anticipation Lending in NYC (internal link)
Abstract: This report analyzes Rapid Anticipatory Loan (RAL) data in NY between 2002 - 2005, and examines how these loans, and both the large and small banks and financial institutions throughout the city, siphoned $324 million out of the poorest communities.
Resource Type: Data, Article

17. Subprime Lending Maps (external link)
Abstract: A set of maps about Predatory and Subprime Loans around New York
Resource Type: Website

18. The Center for Responsible Lending (external link)
Abstract: The Center for Responsible Lending is fighting to stop the financial abuses of Predatory Lending through legislative and policy advocacy, coalition-building, litigation, and industry research. The website contains policy papers, lots of data about this pervasive industry, and much more.
Resource Type: Website

19. Understanding Predatory Lending: Moving Towards a Common Definition and Workable Solutions (external link)
Abstract: The paper sets forth three potential regulatory and legislative solutions that may address the issue of predatory lending.
Resource Type: Article

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