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1. A New Yorker's Guide to Military Recruitment in the 5 Boroughs (external link)
Abstract: A user-friendly guide for educators and activists interested in teaching about the military and military recruitment in New York.
Resource Type: Article

2. College, Jobs, or the Military? Enlistment During a Time of War (internal link)
Abstract: This article questions what factors are associated with joining the military after high school rather than attending college, getting ajob, or doing some other activity. Three areas of influence are highlighted: educational goals, the presence of the military in ones community, and race and socioeconomic status.
Resource Type: Article

3. Understanding Military Recruitment in New York (internal link)
Resource Type: Curriculum

4. Who Serves? A Comparison of Demographics Between the Military and General Population (internal link)
Abstract: This series of lessons explores possible disparities between the general population and the military, especially among military recruits. Students compare data and statistics on both populations and use various algebraic and statistical methods to compare the two groups.
Resource Type: Curriculum

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