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1. A Critical Examination of Financial Literacy Education (external link)
Abstract: This paper will take a critical look at the economics and industrial organization of the FLE industry through case studies of the homeownership education and counseling (HEC) and the consumer credit counseling (CCC) industries
Resource Type: Article

2. Credit Matters: Low-Income Asset Building Challenges in a Dual Financial Service System (external link)
Abstract: This paper examines the nexus between the utilization of basic financial services, ownership of a transaction account, the creation and use of credit records, homeownership, and management of mortgage repayment risks.
Resource Type: Article

3. Discrimination in Education Financing (internal link)
Abstract: This article looks at the discrimination in education funding within African American communities. It discusses various causes for the lack of financial support, as well as remedies for this problem.
Resource Type: Article

4. Eliminating Credit Barriers to Increase Homeownership: How Far Can We Go? (external link)
Abstract: Using data from the 1998 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF), this paper estimates homeownership rates that would prevail in the United States if borrowing constraints were eliminated.
Resource Type: Article

5. Hitting the Wall: Credit as an Impediment to Homeownership (external link)
Abstract: This paper focuses on one such barrier to home ownership poor credit quality and analyzes trends in credit quality for the overall population and demographic subgroups in the United States, focusing on estimated credit quality among renters in comparison to owners.
Resource Type: Article

6. Home Sweet Home: Why America Needs a National Housing Trust Fund (external link)
Abstract: This paper shows that owning an affordable home or even finding a safe and affordable rental unit is financially unattainable for nearly half of Americans and makes an argument for why a housing trust fund would help.
Resource Type: Article

7. Jeopardizing Hispanic Homeownership: Predatory Practices in the Homebuying Market (internal link)
Abstract: This report is the first to provide a comprehensive analysis of the mortgage products and lending tactics targeted at Hispanic homebuyers. The report examines the homebuying and refinancing experiences of Latino homebuyers and the abusive lending tactics that steer Latino families into unnecessarily expensive products
Resource Type: Article

8. State of the Nation's Housing 2005 (external link)
Abstract: House prices, residential investment, and home sales all set records again in 2004. But higher short-term interest rates and the strongest one-year price appreciation since 1979 made it more difficult for first-time buyers to break into the market. With low-wage jobs increasing and wages for those jobs stagnating, affordability problems will persist even as strong fundamentals lift the trajectory of residential investment.
Resource Type: Article

9. The Importance of Housing to the Accumulation of Household Net Worth (external link)
Abstract: This paper we examine the effect of homeownership and housing wealth on the accumulation of household net wealth from multiple perspectives.
Resource Type: Article

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