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1. Mayan Mathematics and Architecture (external link)
Abstract: Developed by the Denver public schools, this unit explores tha Mayan numerical system, and both compares/contrasts it with other ancient numerical systems. Students also measure and calculate the area, volume and perimeter of Mayan temples, create 3D projects, and work with computers.
Category: Area, Volume, Perimeter, Geometry, Number Systems

2. Rock Oil, Rock Oil Everywhere (external link)
Abstract: This series of lessons studies the production and consumption of oil in the U.S. and around the world.
Category: Surface area, volume, rates

3. With Math, It's Like You Have More Defense': Students use Math to Investigate and Affect Overcrowding at Their School (external link)
Abstract: An article from Rethinking Schools about using math to explore overcrowding in an urban school.
Category: Percent Growth, Rates, Area, Geometry

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