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1. Islamic Art and Geometric Design (external link)
Abstract: From the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit on Islamic art, this teaching tool helps students learn about tiling, patterns and tesselations, and contains useful diagrams and explanations for how to teach these concepts and create similar projects in your classroom.
Category: Geometry, Symmetry, Tesselations, Circles

2. Math and Art (external link)
Abstract: This 8-part unit explores the overlap between mathematics and art. Math topics include: geometry, symmetry, patterns, etc.
Category: Geometry, Symmetry, Tesselations

3. Mathematics in Art and Architecture (external link)
Abstract: This website contains information on many different forms of art and architecture that have some mathematical component to them. These include: Pyramids, the Golden Ratio, Kaleidescopes, Tesselations, Music, Tiling, and more.
Category: Geometry, Symmetry, Tesselations, Perspective

4. Tessellations: Technology & Culture (external link)
Abstract: Java-enabled website that allows you create many different types of tesselations online. It also features links to other java-enabled art/math websites
Category: Tesselations, Geometry

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