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1. Lake Snell Perry & Associates - Polling (external link)
Abstract: This Polling Firm works closely with the Democratic Party and other social service organizations. They have a number of free reports on their website of polls and surveys they have done on a variety of important topics.
Category: Surveys, Polls

2. New York States of Mind (internal link)
Abstract: An article summarizing the results of a poll of 1000 New Yorkers about NY-related issues ranging from housing, sports, city government, politics, September 11th, and more.
Category: Surveys, Polls

3. Opinions Please! Creating and Conducting Surveys to Gather Information about Students' Communities (internal link)
Abstract: In this lesson, students will consider the purpose of surveys and polls and learn how to create them effectively. After they examine a poll by The New York Times, they create, administer, and tally surveys of their own design.
Category: Surveys, Polls

4. Risky Business: Investigating Connections Between Teens' Movie Viewing Restrictions and Their Use of Tobacco and Alcohol (internal link)
Abstract: In this lesson, students learn about a recent Dartmouth study that connected teenagers' movie viewing restrictions with their tobacco and alcohol usage. They then conduct their own research in tobacco and alcohol use among teenagers by devising surveys to be distributed and analyzed in their own school setting.
Category: Surveys, Polls

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