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1. Culturally Situated Design Tools - African Fractals, Cornrows, Graffiti, Pyramids, Latin Percussion (external link)
Abstract: Nearly a dozen online software programs that help students learn standards-based mathematics as well as learn about different cultures and arts, including Latino percussion, graffiti, African-American cornrows, Navajo rug weaving, etc.
Category: Fractals, Geometry, Cartesian Graphs, Polar Graphs, Fractions, Least Common Denominators

2. Measuring Water With Justice (external link)
Abstract: This is a multidisciplinary unit that explores water issues, developed by Bob Peterson, one of the authors of Rethinking Mathematics.
Category: Measurement, Equivalent Fractions, Percents, Rates

3. Puerto Rican Rhythm Wheels (internal link)
Abstract: This lesson explores fractions, LCDs and LCMs within the context of Puerto Rican Rhythm Wheels and percussion. It is also linked to an online rhythm wheel simulation.
Category: Fractions, Least Common Multiple, Least Common Denominator

4. Telling the Truth with Fractions, Decimals and Percents: A High School Curriculum (internal link)
Abstract: This is a remedial curriculum for high school students on fractions, decimals and percents for a heterogeneous ninth grade classroom in an urban public school with a human rights theme. Included is a teacherís manual with suggestions for implementation and adaptation of the curriculum, discussion topics for teachers and students about the curriculum, tests and quizzes and guides for using manipulatives.
Category: Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Conversions

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