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1. Ethnomathematics. A Multicultural View of Mathematical Ideas (external link)
Abstract: The primary cultures investigated are the Inuit, Navajo, and Iroquois of North America; the Incas, the Malejula, Warlpiri, Maori, and Caroline Islanders of the Pacific; and the Tshokwe, Bushoong, and Kpelle of Africa. Since the vast majority of potential readers have never heard of most of these cultures, reading the book has value as a simple exercise in horizon expanding. In all cases the level of mathematics is not deep, but some exposure to the particular concept is essential.
Category: Graphing, Chance, Symmetry

2. Who Does the Lottery Benefit? (internal link)
Abstract: The goal of this lesson is that students consider some of the arguments against the lottery and how it functions as a regressive tax. The mathematics involved include combinations, permutations, and probability.
Category: Chance, Probability, Permutations, Combinations

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