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1. Foreign Exchange: Investigating the Economy of Foreign Nations (internal link)
Abstract: In this lesson, students share ideas about the values of foreign currencies relative to the U.S. dollar. They then research the economy of a foreign country and prepare an appropriate budget for one month study abroad. They synthesize their learning by reflecting on what life would be like if they were to live on $100 a week in a foreign country.
Category: Rates, budgets, currency conversion

2. Smoke Signals: Exploring the Economic and Health-Related Impacts of a Smoking Habit (internal link)
Abstract: In this lesson, students estimate the amount of money a non-smoking teen spends in a week, a month, and a year, and compare it with the expenses of a teen who smokes one, two, and three packs a day. They then research other reasons that teens should not smoke, and create an ad campaign geared toward young people emphasizing the financial and health benefits of not smoking.
Category: Budgets, budgeting money

3. Social Justice Contexts for Data-Based Projects in Algebra and Statistics (internal link)
Abstract: This unit contains five projects about poverty, and teaches students to use multiple representations to analyze data. The projects engages students in answering these questions: What is Poverty? Who are the Poor? How is poverty related to school achievement? How has poverty changed? What can be done?
Category: Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Graphing, Budgets, Pre-Calculus

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