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1. Lost In Translation: Writing About Mathematics for a Popular Audience (internal link)
Abstract: In this lesson, students reflect on the uses of mathematics in their daily lives and work in pairs to design brochures that make specific mathematical concepts clear and interesting to a popular audience. They then present their brochures to a family member and write response papers evaluating their own efforts.
Category: Basic Math Concepts

2. Mayan Mathematics (internal link)
Abstract: These lessons introduce students to mayan mathematics. Activities include comparing our counting system to the Mayan system, writing numbers with the Mayan representations, and learning how to do computations using Mayan symbols.
Category: Basic Math Concepts,Adding, Subtracting, Dividing, Multiplying

3. The Cost of War in Iraq: How Does it Affect My Community? (internal link)
Abstract: This series of lessons has students look at the cost of the War in Iraq and has them look at how this has had a financial impact on them and their communities. Students also come up with alternative models for the money spent on the war that would positively affect their communities.
Category: Basic Math Concepts,Adding, Subtracting, Dividing, Multiplying, Conversions

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