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Check out creatingbalanceconference.org for information about the next conference on math education and social justice.

Join educators, parents, students, activists, and community members from around the country for a 3-day conference to explore the connections between math education and social justice. We will explore many questions, challenges, and opportunities to work toward social justice through math education.


Highlighted Curriculum

Revealing Racist Roots: The Three R's for Teaching about the Jena 6 - This mini-unit was developed by Joyce Sia and Rico Gutstein, teachers at the Greater Lawndale/Little Village School for Social Justice in Chicago, and is part of a teaching guide on the Jena 6 put out by the Network of Teacher Activist Group (including NYCORE - the New York Collective of Radical Educators). The central problem of the unit is to find the probability of selecting an all-white jury in Jena. Click Here

The School Funding Project - 10th grade Alegbra/Linear Programming unit where students design two small schools and use a Linear Programming model to determine what is the best/most fair method for calculating their per-capita budgets in order to maximize Graduation Rates. Click Here.

Community Voices Heard - 12th grade Graduation Portfolio Project where students design, distribute, and analyze community surveys about topics of their choice. Math includes basic skills (rates and percents), statistical analysis, graphing, randomization and probability, sampling, and more. Teacher's Edition and Student Edition

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Check out the story that FOX News ran about RadicalMath. Click here for the transcript, and here to watch the video. (Please Note: No one from RadicalMath.org spoke to FOX for this report, nor does anyone from RadicalMath.org believe that FOX news is either fair or balanced)

A well-balanced article from City Limits about Math Education and Social Justice. Click Here.

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